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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Brands

1. Kitkat

Going back to 1935, a confectionery company launched a product named ‘Kit Cat’ which consisted of finger bars made of wheat and milk coated with a sophisticated layer of hot settled chocolate. The popularity of the brand grew whereas the mob really liked to intake it. This brand was later on suggested to be named ‘Kit Kat’ continuing it selling with a 4- fingers bar with different proportions of the constituents. Now, it comes in variety of wrappers, boxes with flavors such as Fruits, Dry Fruits, Dark, White and Mild embalmed in hot chocolate.

2. Mars

The famous majestic Mars bar is the highest selling and consumed chocolate by a large number of people all over. Having its roots in the UK dating back to 1932, the magical taste of its ingredients changed verily, reconstituting and giving it a different pack shape. Its immense taste includes nougat, minced almonds, caramel toppings and rich honey coating. It comes in different varieties such as Almond, Dark , Light, Midnight, Lava and The Fling.

3. Galaxy 

To consider love for the chocolate taste, Galaxy would be one brand which makes a person slumber deep into admission of its mumble taste. The Makers of Galaxy are same as Mars but the delightfulness is added by the rich use of rippled milk with hot cocoa splattered with fruit ingredients and sweet flavors. Its outlets are spread all over UK, African regions and the Middle East. Having being started in 1986, its centers are located in the UK. More variety of endorses are also available by its name such as ‘Galaxy Jewels, ‘Caramel’, ‘Fruitia’ and ‘Dove’.

4. Cadbury

Known as the biggest outselling chocolate product, John Cadbury started his career as a chocolatier in 1824 in London. The Heirs to the company reshaped the existence of ‘Cadbury’ chocolate in 1913 by adding higher proportions to the wafer, topping it with carefully layered hot chocolate syrup. It was so out felling that a large number of consumers began to have it as their mood-cheering supplement. The delightful Cadbury bar comes in Flakes, Milk Bars, Fruit Nuts and crunches.
5. Toblerone

Many of us adore the distinctive prism like packing of a chocolate coming and luring our taste buds to have it more. This delicious pack of flavors started back in 1908 as a premium dessert for royalties. It Consists of Nougat, almonds, honey and rich cocoa covered together. It is then cut into small prism shapes making it more attractive and murky. It comes in various packings having flavors such as ‘Plain’, ‘White’, Pralines, ‘Fruit Nuts’ & ‘ Honey Comb’

Chocolate Design

“chocolate design”的图片搜索结果

“chocolate design”的图片搜索结果

“chocolate design”的图片搜索结果

“chocolate design”的图片搜索结果

“chocolate design”的图片搜索结果

How to Make Perfect Chocolate

A chocolate recipe that that has no lumps, is smooth and easy to work with. Can be made from candy melts (melties) or real chocolate. Used by the pros.
    ServingsPrep Time
    1.3-1.5 lbs5 minutes
    Cook TimePassive Time
    25 minutes3-4 hours
    White Modeling Chocolate (from Melties)
    Modeling Chocolate (from real chocolate)
    1. Melt candy melts in a plastic or microwave-safe bowl in microwave or stove-top sauce pan.
    2. Warm corn syrup and add food coloring.Remember that your final product will be lighter than the color of your corn syrup.You can also add color later if you want.
    3. Fold mixture together with a spatula until mixture starts to seize and resembles soft serve ice cream.
    4. It is important to not over-mix or your modeling chocolate will get oily.
    5. Wrap in plastic and let set until chocolate is firm but still pliable. Usually a couple of hours depending on how hot it is in your room.
    6. Unwrap chocolate and knead until smooth, smashing any hard lumps with your fingers.
    7. Re-wrap chocolate and place back in plastic wrap to set up until hard.
    Recipe Notes
    Your chocolate will be hard every time you go to use it and you will need to re-heat it a few seconds (5-15 depending on your microwave) before each use.
    Do not over heat or it will get too soft and you'll have to wait for it to harden up again before you can use it.

    Type of chocolate

    1. Unsweetened Chocolate

    Pure chocolate without added sugar.
    Also known as: bitter chocolate, baking chocolate, chocolate liquor, and pure chocolate.
    Uses: Used almost exclusively for baking.

    2. Bittersweet Chocolate

    Legally, at least 35 percent pure chocolate with some small amount of sugar added.
    Also known as: dark chocolate, when it is a European brand.
    Characteristics: Usually darker and less sweet than semisweet.
    No legal specifications for the term so not always darker and less sweet.
    Semisweet and bittersweet can be used in baking interchangeably, depending on personal preferences.
    Specific sweetness and color intensity varies by manufacturer's recipes and cacao bean sources.
    Uses: Baking and eating

    3. Semisweet Chocolate

    Legally, at least 35 percent pure chocolate with added cocoa butter and sugar.
    Characteristics: The most versatile chocolate.
    Available in many forms (block, discs, squares, chips).
    Uses: Baking and eating

    4. Milk Chocolate

    Legally, milk chocolate is at least 10 percent pure chocolate with added cocoa butter and sugar.
    Characteristics: Most milk chocolates contain less pure chocolate than semisweet or bittersweet chocolates.
    Milder flavor than darker chocolates

    5. Sweet Baking Chocolate

    Legally, sweet chocolate is at least 15 percent pure chocolate with added cocoa butter and sugar.
    Taste: Sweeter than semisweet chocolate.

    6. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

    Unsweetened cocoa powder is pure chocolate with most of the cocoa butter removed.
    Characteristics: Cocoa powders labeled "Dutch-process" or "European-style" have been treated to neutralize the naturally occurring acids, giving them a mellower flavor and redder color.

    7. White Chocolate

    White chocolate is made by combining cocoa butter with sugar, milk solids, and flavoring, usually vanilla.
    Commonly called a chocolate, it's not a true one -- legally.

    8. Premelted Chocolate

    Premelted chocolate is a semiliquid, unsweetened product made of cocoa powder and vegetable oil.
    Uses: Exclusively used for baking